Visiting a Biofeedback Practitioner

A biofeedback practitioner will show you how to use the machine, of which there are several types, and you will be wired up so that your bodily functions can be measured. An electro encephalograph records your brain waves; an electromyography measures your muscle activity; and an electro cardiograph monitors your heart rate. Heat changes in the skin are measured with a heat temperature gauge and the skin’s electrical conductivity is tested with an electrical skin response sensor.

Once the monitors are in place, you will be taught simple relaxation and breathing techniques so that you can control your body’s response. When you are Bioresonance Equipment relaxed you will see an increase in the number of alpha brain waves, a slowing down of the heart rate and a decrease in sweat gland activity. Biofeedback trains you to modify these bodily functions without the use of the biofeedback device and it takes about six sessions before you have fully grasped the technique.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Many people find it hard to alter their involuntary functions without a machine to tell then how they are doing. There is a huge body of scientific evidence, some two thousand and five hundreds research papers in all that supports the efficacy of biofeedback for various conditions. One study on the effect of biofeedback on asthma patients monitored twenty two children who used deep muscle relaxation prompted by biofeedback responses.