The Football Widow – How to Survive the Season

It is that time of year once again, ladies. Yep, it is football season. The time of year when your husbands, boyfriends, and significant others seem to go into their man cave or camp out on the couch for hours upon end. There is College football on Thursday and Saturday and NFL football on Sunday and Monday. So a lot of you will go shopping, go into hibernation, or maybe even take up knitting. You have officially begun your tenure as a football widow. I would like to show you how to survive the season and maybe enhance your relationship by discussing the basic rules and penalties of the game so that you too can participate in the most popular sporting event in the United States.


You have a total of 11 players per team on the field during the course of play (Offense and Defense). If a team has more than 11 players on the field when the football is snapped, that is a 5-yard penalty against them. The field of play is 100-yards long (not including 10-yards on either end for the end zones) and a little over 53-yards wide.

The game is 60 minutes long and is broken into four 15-minute quarters with a break after the second quarter referred to as half-time.

Who ever has the ball is the offense and must advance the ball into the opposing end zone. The offense has 4 downs to advance the ball a minimum of 10-yards in order to keep possession.

Football is a very simple game in its purest sense. 11 players are trying to advance the ball on offense and 11 players are trying to stop the advancement of the ball on defense. The intricacies are in strategies that are being employed as the game progresses.


Without going too in-depth, I will quickly explain basic penalties:

Illegal Motion/Shift: Offensive. Moving after the player is set beforeเว็บแทงบอล the snap of the ball.

Illegal Formation: Offensive. Usually called for not having enough players on the line of scrimmage.

Off-sides/Neutral Zone Infraction: Defensive. Usually called for either lining up in the neutral zone (imaginary line running down the middle of the football) or jumping off-sides before the ball is snapped.

Roughing the Quarterback: Defensive. For hitting the quarterback after he has released the football.

Illegal Block: Offensive. Usually called for a block in the back during kick-off returns but also can be a personal foul if the block is below the knees with the intention to do harm

Offensive/Defensive Holding: When a player impedes the progress of an opposing player by holding them.

Offensive/Defensive Pass Interference: Both offensive and defensive players have the same right to the football whe